Uses of viagra

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What is Viagra?
Viagra (sildenafil) relaxes the muscles situated in blood vessel walls and increases blood flows to individual areas of the body.

Viagra is used in men to take care of ED (impotence). Another brand of sildenafil is Revatio, found in the procedure and improvement of exercise ability in women and men to treat raised blood pressure. This site has detailed Viagra statistics, not Revatio information.

Take Viagra, unless your doctor orders you to take Revatio.

Viagra is now used not merely for erectile also for pulmonary hypertension treatments. And, according to a recently available study, the medication might be able to treat other conditions. The three available ED medicines ? Viagra, Levitra, and Cialis ? function similarly and have similar secondary effects.

Headache and facial flushing in 15 percent of men will be the most frequent. Nasal inflammation, indigestion, and back pain are other responses. They are mild and temporary adverse events. The primary nervous about ED pills is their ability and enlarge the arteries to lessen blood pressure. And men taking nitrates should never be supposed to use any ED tablets.

While specific unwanted effects of such medicines could be troubling, others can be beneficial, and scientists are investigating if ED pills can help treat a variety of non-sexual problems. Viagra (sildenafil) was the longest and most widely studied in the marketplace. It is not yet clear if another ED pills give similar advantages, but Viagra can at the very least be helpful under some other terms, like these:

Hypertension of the lungs:

Because of this rare but dangerous condition of elevated pressure in the blood vessels leading to the lungs, viagra is currently sold under Revatio.

Sick mountains:

Viagra can minimize thin air pulmonary blood pressure and improve the ability to exercise with low oxygen levels.

The Phenomenon of Raynaud:

Contact with cold causes the spasm of the tiny arteries that supply the fingers, toes, or both with blood which becomes pale, complex, and painful. In clinical trials, both Viagra and Levitra were helpful.

Heart disease:

Studies show that Viagra might help patients suffering from congestive and diastolic insufficiency.

sildenafil bez recepty who have been seeking new medications for dilating coronary arteries found Sildenafil. It can so, but since it extends healthy coronary arteries rather than diseased vessels, angina is not treated successfully. However, it may have other cardiac patient benefits.

Sildenafil may be the most speculative usage since it is definately not therapeutic. However, this can be a recent research field of interest. A European study of 25 men with erectile dysfunction but no other disorders in the brain found a more robust response of their blood vessels to stress in a 50 mg sildenafil dose. Scientists in Michigan, who temporarily block the blood vessels, published more promising results for developing ischemic strokes in rats. The animals have been put into three classes throughout their rehabilitation. One was untreated; the other was sildenafil for low doses; the third was sildenafil for large quantities. The animals with sildenafil recovered better and obtained the best outcomes at the best amounts. The scientists figured the drug promoted new nerve cells near stroke damage in the mind tissue.