Revolutionary Lighting Solutions From Steinel - Power Efficiency

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The Steinel RS Professional sensor light system is probably probably the most superior Motion Sensor Light in the world. Steinel's emphasis on R & D ensures World Class Product Innovations which leverage future necessities of the client. Sure areas the place these Motion Sensor Lights are installed may be massive and unwieldy for e.g. Multi Tier Car Park, Corridor Method and many others. An occupant could encounter giant expanses of unlit areas upon entering. The Movement Detector inside the light fixture has a 8 meter diametric detection range which implies that the occupant can't be sensed in all corners of the premises. Steinel has considered a unique technique to encounter this anomaly in lighting design by providing for an optional Wireless Bi-Directional Connectivity utilizing a 868.3 MHz (ISM) Radio Frequency Module. This Module integrates 2 or extra lighting fixtures in a Master - Slave configuration to suit site situations. The Wireless Module has 32 Digital Addresses which help in creating complex interconnected switching groups in accordance with the clients requirement. Wireless transmission is quick and extremely dependable as knowledge packets sent by the transmitter are obtained individually and sequentially by the receiver which ensures that the communication community is idiot proof and fail-safe. This networking can also be achieved by hardwiring the fixtures in a daisy chain in accordance with the requirements. The detection range of the wireless module is 100 meters in an unobstructed surroundings & about 30 meters indoors. Most significantly, the client can use a mixture of each the wired and the wireless module for 2 method communication. As compared to the usual Management Gears, Steinel uses an Infineon Chip in their Chip Managed Electronic Ballasts which offers the following benefits over these standard management gears.