PLR is Free So Why Use a PLR License

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A license to blog is a new way to monetize your blog with Private Label Rights (PLR) software. It's pretty simple and straight forward to use but, does it work?

Content writing has been around for a long time. For years, content writing has been the go to method for most companies for marketing and generating leads. And, private label rights product have realized this...the reason is because content writing has been proven to work.

Content has always been the best way to build traffic and leads. It has proven itself to be the top most way to market. But, when the internet first started, it was expensive to get hosting and you had to pay to publish a post to the blog.

Content writing was also very hard to create and, to get published. If you didn't want the chances of getting stuck with a rank lower than what you wanted then you had to learn the skill of writing to get back on the top.

Of course, people have been using these popular methods for quite a while now but, there were no options for free. Until now...

Now, there are options available that will allow you to start using PLR without paying anything. Yes, PLR is free but...we are talking about content writing. This means that you have to pay for hosting...and your content will still be on the web for everyone to see.

It's not a good idea to start off with blogging as a method to generate income. Not only do you need to have some skills in writing but, you need to build up a reputation as a serious blogger first. You also need to build up some followers so that they will see you as a serious blog writer.

Now, the other option is for you to buy PLR software and use it to create a blog with no money ever needing to be spent. And, many PLR products are also known as Content Production Suite (CPS).

Just like free ebooks with resell rights on the internet, there are those who are trying to sell you a system that will let you make a lot of money by just starting a blog. They will tell you that it's all easy. But, you need to know the truth before you spend any money...this is especially true with PLR.

You need to know that using PLR software or owning a PLR license is not a get rich quick scheme. If you think it is then you should stop reading now...or, take a drive out to buy some raw materials for your own home made blog.

This is not what I am going to tell you today. What I will tell you is that you can get better results from using PLR software than you will be able to without.

These results will include...