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Downsides for this weapon is it is costly. It also has a weak special and doesn't train Strength, however if you're training for money purposes that is best. Another strategy for this weapon would be to use it once to strike the enemy, then switch back to some other weapon.
We know that your time is precious and that's why we provide Full adamant set quickly and securely. You will want to do quests anyone for Champion's Guild and Dragon Slayer, therefore it makes sense to have the xp for lower levels. Witch's potion and Imp captcher for 1-10 magic. Could take a while to get all beads, depends on luck. If you need to know more about Runescape Mains here. Cockroach soldiers at the stronghold of safety have likely the the best drops in f2p for lower level players. Train by an altar so you can use prayer such as in the Black Knight Fortress, the Chaos Temple near Goblin Village, the jungle ice plateau .
A rune protector is an excellent choice to replace a rune kiteshield, no doubt. As the attack bonuses would help in significant amounts. On the flip side, if defence is your better forte, I would recommend an obsidian shield.
Again, the inventory does not have to change whether you're teaming or solo'ing that the KBD. The principal modifications you could have will be more Super attack/strength potions, less Sharks, more Prayer potios and also a weapon, for its attack. Note that you will probably be killing it more than once in a trip depending upon your group's battle levels, so make the changes you feel are necessary. Personally, I would go ahead and replace the shield together with the rune defender.

To fully protect yourself, you can take some Anti Dragon Breath Potions. The Adamant kiteshield is available as benefits from level 2 Treasure Trails, but may be employed by non-members. The gold design on it's purely decorative and has exactly the exact same defence bonuses as the Adamant kiteshield. Adamant kiteshield is a part of adamant trimmed armour and a reward from moderate Treasure Trails.
An unprepared warrior is no game for a dragon, thus you should stock up on food, armour and other goodies prior to going there. It is totally futile, and will waste your money. Possibly the main thing concerning the Dragon dagger is the fact that it is poisonable. It's a brand new weapon in RS2, and that's possibly the reason why it was under-rated at first.
Once you pass level 20 wilderness you won't have the ability to teleport out fast, so make sure you are aware and ready to run. There is nothing you can definitely change , except for the amount of Prayer and Anti-fire potions you take. The King Black Dragon is one of RuneScape's fiercest foes, at a whopping level 276.