Cops Pull Over A Black Ute Speeding At 116km hr On A Busy Motorway

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A seven-year-old girl has been found crouched behind the passenger seat of a tiny two-seater ute after police pulled the driver over for speeding.
The black ute was clocked by a highway officer moving at 116km/h on the Ipswich Motorway, south-west of [/news/brisbane/index.html Brisbane], at about 6pm on February 28.
When the policeman asked the female passenger to step out of the car so he could inspect the gear box, he made the shocking discovery.
Highway patrol asked the passenger (pictured) to get out of the car after the driver was caught speeding
'What's behind the seat here?' he could be heard asking on bodycam footage.
Gesturing at the bright pink fabric of the child's dress, he asked again: 'Who's that behind the seat?'
The officer pulled the passenger's seat forward to reveal the little girl who had been wedged between the chair and the back window of the vehicle.
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'You know she can't be in there don't you?' the officer asks the woman. 
He told the drive and passenger they would have to organise for another car to collect the child. 
A police spokesman told Daily Mail Australia the driver was charged with speeding, exceed registered mass capacity and drive while passenger unrestrained. 
'It's this type of behaviour that would have catastrophic consequences if the driver crashed,' Acting Chief Superintendent Rohweder said.
The 7-year-old girl was found by police wedged between the seat and the back window (pictured)
Pictured: The young girl who was found by police behind the passenger's seat of a black ute
'What makes this exceptionally selfish is the driver took the decision of the girl's safety out of her hands.'
Queensland Police said 50 people have lost their lives on the state's roads after just 64 days of 2021.
Thirty-two people lives lost in the same period last year due to dangerous driving.
Pictured: The black ute pulled over by police on a Queensland highway.

A child was hiding behind the seats